Freshers Onboarding

Freshers Onboarding

Problem Statement: Quality Fresher fit for role of developer, with right attitude, right skills and in right budget. To on-board and make fresher’s productive it takes lots of efforts and time One needs dedicated team and department from finding , training and on-boarding . Lot of your resource are blocked for this activity - Human, Machine, Space for considerable amount of time
Our Solution:: We strongly believe exhaustive coding 6 hours a day for 3 months makes fresher’s an good developer. We find right Fresher’s for you, we skill them as day one developer using our in-office 9am to 6pm skill development/coding program. Grooming not just on technical but also Communication, Process, Development Tools, SDLC etc. an entire lifecycle from imitation to deployment. Making Fresher productive is very big challenge from on-boarding to ensuring they are getting skilled i.e. their training, getting external trainer , engaging existing employees, planning ,monitoring , executing , validating , list goes on.It requires lot of energy, focus, commitment and patience. Quality Fresher is must for any IT Organization. We are there to help you in this journey- Entire life cycle to make them day one productive quality developer

Freshers On-boarding
The Highlights of Freshers Onboarding

  • OnDemand Pool of Talented Freshers.
  • Freshers Evaluated on Technical Skills & Trainability.
  • Good Communication Skill and Attitude.
  • End to End ownership from filtering right candidate to onboarding.
  • AdHoc and Planned onboarding.
  • Customized Services : Just Filtering, Filter and Train.

How it Works

  • You define your Frehsers needs/onboarding plan
  • We filter Freshers as per your needs from Market or Collages
  • You onboard as employee or Contractor (Only for Mulesoft)

Why Us

  • We have vast experience in IT in Technical role
  • We know what is needed for an frehsers to be developer
  • Continuous support till the day of getting placed.
  • Grooming through soft skills sessions.
  • Transparency: Monthly performance reports.
  • Your Continues involvement
  • Group of only 15 Developers.
  • Guidance of Industry Leaders and Technical Experts.


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