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Developer Factory - Freshers

Our Solution: "Developer Factory Model" We hire fresher for you, we build them as day one developer using our 9 to 6 skill development program and then you deploy them into your project. This is continuous process like factory convey belt where you have constant supply of developer to plug into your projects as needed. We are not only experts but focused & dedicated on building the Fresher to be "day one developer" a Fresher who can do coding independently .We are training them in our office 9 to 6 (5 days a week). Making Fresher productive is very big challenge from on-boarding to ensuring they are getting skilled i.e. their training, getting external trainer , engaging existing employees, planning ,monitoring , executing , validating , list goes on ... It requires lot of energy, focus, commitment and patience. It’s even bigger challenge for small & mid-size IT organization who don't have dedicated department to do so. Quality Fresher is must for any IT Organization. Lot of you would have got them on boarded or thinking to do so!!!! We are there to help you in this journey- Entire life cycle to make them day one productive quality developer

Highlights - Developer Factory - Freshers

  • On board developer in factory model. Plug and Play . On Demand
  • Skilled Fresher’s - "day one developer" a Fresher who can do coding independently
  • Just in Time Scale team with Developer and Tester to fit in your team of experts
  • We skill fresher’s and not train - In our office 9 to 6 (5 days a week)
  • Multiple models of engagement to suit your needs
  • You get quality skilled fresher’s without any headache of training, recruiting and on-boarding


  • Cost effective Optimized IT Service Model
  • Quality skilled freshers without any headache of training,recruiting and on boarding.
  • You get all bandwidth and energy to dedicate on software delivery and business development
  • List of Technologies: Core Java, Advanced Java (JSP, Servlet , Spring Rest web services , Angular, JavaScript, JQuery ,AJAX , JSON , HTML, CSS) and DB - MySQL.

Why Us

  • We have vast experience in IT in Technical role
  • We know what is needed for a fresher to be developer
  • Group of only 15 Developers.
  • Guidance of Industry Leaders and Technical Experts.
  • Grooming through soft skills sessions.


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