Human Resource Management

Expense Account

Managing your employees' daily expenses has never been easier. Whether it's travel expenses, office supplies, or any other employee expenditure.

Employee Management

Quickly create new employee records with each hiring and modify existing ones as needed. With integrated document management, archive all your HR documents in the application. You can add new documents to each employee record with a simple drag and drop.

Don’t waste any more time entering your times

Benefit from accelerated entry by pre-filling timesheets from tasks. Create recurring timesheets for an entire period with just a few clicks. Enter a period, a daily duration, associate a project or a task and the application automatically generates all timesheet lines.

Fleet Management

Save time by creating vehicle models with their technical descriptions, Assign vehicles to employees by entering the necessary information and identify the use of each vehicle, Manage the different states of the vehicle during its life cycle and keep a history of all elements.

Financial Management


Accounting application automatically generates accounting entries from accounting documents and pre-configured templates, and allows you to record various transactions in a manually assisted manner. The accounting module allows you to manage analytical postings, and to benefit natively from a management of analytical distribution by third parties, by products, etc.

Billing & Invoicing

You can visually follow the progression of your invoice validation process: validate, break down and print all your invoices in bulk. In addition, your invoicing management is multi-currency, multi-company.

Accounting Reports

Displays accounting dashboards.


Develop and control all your budgets using the budget management software. You benefit from a better visibility on your cash flow and purchases, thus facilitating decision-making thanks to relevant and detailed information, updated in real time.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing Reports

Reports dedicated to the application of sales, Commercial: Reports on the user’s commercial activities; Manager: Reports on commercial activities for which the manager is responsible; Sales details: Detailed sales reports; CA study: Detailed reports on turnover; Customers : Detailed client reports.


Create your custom templates and send quotes to your customers directly from the application. Gather all versions of a quote and merge them in a few clicks for optimal visibility of your offers. Let them sign thanks to the integrated electronic signature and transform your quotes into purchase orders in one click.


It maximizes your marketing impact. This application saves your time by automating tasks and allows you to focus on customer relation

Leads & Opportunity

This menu gives access to the list of tracks and allows you to create new ones. A lead is a prospect at the first stage of the commercial relationship. This menu gives access to the list of opportunities and allows you to create new ones.


CRM is an open and complete solution, integrating advanced features designed to simplify your customer relationship and allow you to focus on the essentials. The entire CRM was designed with a light, powerful and robust code. That’s why it’s so responsive, versatile and resource-efficient.


Manufacturing order

This application is used to manage production. You will find here the creation and management of BOMs, routings and workload items. Bills of material have an unlimited tree structure. You will be able to create your production orders, manufacturing orders and plan your production.

Bill of material

Displays bills of material and allows you to create new ones. It is the decomposition of a product into its subassemblies, elementary parts and raw materials, with the number of units of each component necessary to manufacture a unit of finished product.

Production Process

You can create the production process for manufacturing order

Planned operations

Displays the schedule of planned operations. You can see the planned operations which is going to complete.

Supply Chain


Send your quote requests from the application to multiple suppliers, who connect to a dedicated portal to respond to them. This allows you to easily compare and select the most competitive offer and immediately transform it into a firm order.


Forecasts of the various goods movements: Production requirements, Production forecasts, Supplier receipts, Supplier returns, Customer deliveries, Customer returns.

Stocks & Inventory

 It manages your stock entries and exits, but also your internal stock movements. Stock management is multi-warehouse and tree-based, and supports product variants.

Production Control

Your production order management is tree based thanks to a grouping into production orders. A generation assistant pre-fills your production orders from the BOM and product. In addition, they are accompanied by a table describing the phases in pictures. You can stop your production directly from the application.


Social Networks

Users can leave comments and discuss the elements of the application. Create newsgroups and easily add members or allow users to subscribe to groups of their choice.


The Messaging application is linked to the corporate social network integrated into the ERP system, which allows users to exchange on many business objects such as quotes, invoices, projects, etc


Scheduling your tasks and resources, managed directly from the application, is facilitated by Gantt views for optimal visualization

Team Work

The Teamwork application allows you to quickly schedule new tasks, indicate which ones are priorities and assign them to users. This way, you can easily follow its progress. You have the ability to create work teams and assign tasks to teams.

Operation Management


It allow you to view the events and tasks in which the user participates or organizes. Classic events, holidays or CRM events. These calendars can be synchronized with external calendars. Synchronizing calendars with external calendars such as Google Calendar, gives access to the consultation and/or modification of events in other computer applications.


Ticket creation – incident tracking – live dialogue, stay as close as possible to your customers to satisfy them faster, easier, more


 This application allows you to manage customer and/or supplier contracts. Depending on the options enabled, it may be a simple contract tracking or contract creation and tracking.

Business Project

The Projects application allows you to manage projects precisely at each phase. A project can have different states: new, ongoing, completed or cancelled. A project manager and a project team can be associated with it and the different tasks that each will have to carry out at each phase to successfully complete the project can be defined.

Connected Enterprise


Integration is the key for any successful enterprise. Human Integration with Suppliers, Vendors, Customers ,Carriers System Integration with application , Systems, process using API, SOAP, FlatFile etc. Expose Enterprise information as API for others to consumer .


One of the key par of the ERP is to get Analytics on what is selling betters, what is costing more to decide where to focus on .


Connect the Machines. Use the machine information in the process to have better control over your manufacturing and production. Help you minimize the downtime and wastage.

Artificial Intelligence

Help you to take informed and accurate decisions about various function of your enterprise.